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Behind the brand

My Story

My name is Claire Hogenkamp, I am 23 years old owner and founder of branded up clothing... I grew up in a small town in Buffalo, NY always loving anything having to do with fashion since I was a little girl. As I grew older I started to educate myself on the effects that the fashion industry has on our planet. 85% of all textiles ending up in landfills each year... Which started my love for vintage and recycled fashion! I am fascinated with this new found love to create with what is already there...this is my passion. The name was created from the idea that brands are what attracts the consumer to buy a certain product. In my eyes every piece of mass produced clothing still has life in it, it has a story traveling from person to person which makes it so unique! When you purchase from branded up clothing there will always be a story behind each piece no matter what the brand and you will be saving the planet!!!